Julian Stöttinger

Source Code

Download some snippets used in my papers. 

About asking for support: I'll try to help you, but you'll have to give me something first. I will not answer any email if there is not at least a problem definition and an error message. Sorry.

Google Web API ParseException Bug

com.google.gdata.util.ParseException: name must have a value: This very annoying error pops up now and then when you try to fetch some data from Google Maps, Picasa, etc. A tiny hack fixes the issue.

Videos in Matlab

How I use videos on Unix systems.

Scale invariant Color Harris

Since I use libraries from various people and institutes, I cannot provide the source code. Binaries are available for linux64, which produce nice color regions.

GVF-based Interest Points

A dense and robust interest point detector. Get the feature extractor here.

OpenCV Face Detection in Matlab

A very convenient hack.

Skin Detection

Get some code for context aware skin detection.