Julian Stöttinger

Scale Invariant Color Harris

The software for linux 64bit can be downloaded here.
It is very experimental - but it works for me.


for help and standard parameters. Binary just reads jpgs!

$./scivharris64 -i nicepic.jpg -o niceregions.out

just do it...

$./scivharris64 -i nicepic.jpg -o cleverregions.out -m 1200 -c HSI -s 1 -f 1.5 -n 12

extract regions in HSI color space with a maximum of 1200 extracted regions / corners. First Sigma is 1, scale factor is 1.5, and there are 12 scale steps.

Output file format is from Krystian Mikolajzyk. Refer to his great site for details.
For your convinience, I added some very simple bash scripts to process directories full of images. Combine it with Krystian's binaries and have fun!